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    Experience the epitome of elegance, power, and advanced technology with our selection of prestigious automobile brands, each offering a unique blend of luxury, performance, and unmatched style.

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    We offer a variety of makes and models to satisfy every car enthusiast, from high-end sports cars to luxury sedans and SUVs.

    Book your car saytında qeydiyyat proseduru başa çatdıqdan sonra , təşkilatın bütün imkanlarından istifadə edə biləcəyiniz kazinonun şəxsi hesabına daxil olacaqsınız.

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    Home car rental

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    Malik Karimov
    Malik Karimov
    I had a great experience with Artyom and Youfleet team while renting a great BMW 420 cabrio. Guys brought the car to DXB so I could directly drive to Eastern coast and Dibba al-Fujairah where I really felt the benefit of having a car and beign flexible. I travelled the whole coast fr Dibba to Kalba and other places. The service was wery flexible and hassle free, definitely recommend and want to pick some other cars from them in future.
    Александр Нагорный
    Александр Нагорный
    Топовые спорткары, дружелюбный офис, цены лучшие!
    Marat Ka
    Marat Ka
    Замечательный сервис, супер клиентоориентированный подход, всё всегда на высоте! Редко пишу отзывы, но тут решил высказаться. Пользуюсь услугами не первый раз, и с первого раза забыл про другие компании. Машины всегда в идеальном состоянии, помыты, заправлены. Сотрудники компании всегда вежливы, никогда не звонят и не торопят, делают так как удобно клиенту! Всем очень рекомендую!
    Dream Image Productions
    Dream Image Productions
    Alena Kucherova
    Alena Kucherova
    A good rental company. Decent cars. Can fully test everything before buying. Would recommend!
    I have been in different countries, but I have never seen cars in such condition, here they say it will be so, the attitude towards customers as to their loved ones ???????????????? The prices are lower than the competitors, which is very nice.
    Natali Fefilova
    Natali Fefilova
    Thank you for the excellent work ???? Really enjoyed the car, had a lot of emotions yesterday. We will definitely be in touch again ????????
    This is the second time I've taken a car from this place. Everything is great. Competent and responsive staff, excellent fleet and equipment.

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    How we work


    Choose a car from our Website , and send us booking request


    As soon as we receive the request our representative will contact you shortly


    During conversation with our representative you will need to provide additional information about you for KYC


    Upon delivery, our team will draw the rental agreement, after you read and sign you will need to proceed for advance payment for your rental period. Deposit in case of fines is mandatory


    A couple of hours before your rental period runs out , our representative will contact you to follow up

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    Rental process

    Pre-book the desired car, indicating the date, time, and place of pick-up. Then we will make sure to deliver the car to you along with the car rental agreement and payment terminal. The registration process takes no more than 10 minutes. To draw up an agreement, you need to provide original copies of a driver’s license and a passport (or ID-card), as well as make an advance payment. The advance payment includes the full rental amount plus a deposit, which will be charged in case you happen to collect fines and returned back to you in case no fines are applied during the rental period. Note that you must be at least 25 years old to be eligible for signing the Yofleet car rental agreement.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    To pre-book your desired luxury car in Dubai, specify the date, time, and pick-up location. We will ensure the car is delivered to you along with the rental agreement and a payment terminal. The entire registration process is quick, typically taking no more than 10 minutes.

    To make your rental payment for an exotic car, you can use any of the following methods:

    • Cash
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • American Express
    • Online Banking

    Yes! You may reserve your desired luxury car and prepay your rental online using a bank transaction or your credit or debit card. Please contact our customer care representative to receive our bank account details for the payment. You may also prepay your luxury car rental by cash, either by walk-in or other options. Contact our customer care representative to discover all of the prepayment options available to you.

    Yes, you can modify your existing reservation for a luxury car. To do so, please contact our customer care representative. Note that modifications should ideally be made within 48 hours after the reservation confirmation to avoid additional charges.

    Every Rental Agreement for a car in Dubai is drawn up based on the chosen dates, type of car, and location. We can only present you with the final copy of the agreement directly at the pick-up spot in Dubai. At your request, we can also show you the original Master Rental Agreement on which all of our Rental Agreements for luxury and exotic cars are based.

    If you want to rent a luxury car from Yofleet, you also need to provide additional documents such as:

    • Passport plus your passport copy with the visa page
    • Copy of your valid UAE driving license / valid International license
    • Valid credit card (needed at the time of pick-up).

    Our rates typically exclude fuel costs. However, we provide half a tank of fuel for mid-range luxury cars and a full tank for high-end luxury or exotic car models in Dubai. Salik (toll) charges are also not included.

    We regret to inform you that currently, we do not offer chauffeur services as part of our exotic car rental options in Dubai. Our primary focus is on providing a wide selection of high-quality vehicles for personal and business rental needs, allowing our clients the freedom to drive at their convenience.

    Extending your rental period for a car depends on the vehicle’s availability. If the car is booked by another customer after your rental period, we cannot extend your booking. However, you can swap your car for another available model.

    Check the agreement for the mileage limit included in the rental cost and the charges for additional mileage. Some luxury cars may offer unlimited mileage options. Ensure the agreement accurately reflects the vehicle’s clocked mileage as recorded by the company driver.

    The excess claim amount is the maximum you would need to pay in case of accidental damage indicated by a red slip. This clause specifies your financial responsibility before the insurance covers the remaining repair costs for the luxury car. Confirm this amount and the conditions under which it applies.

    Understand the policy for late returns of exotic cars. Some companies might charge for an extra hour if you return the car late, even by a few minutes. Clarifying this in advance can help you avoid unexpected charges for the exotic car.

    If you’ve requested a pick-up service for the car’s return in Dubai, remember to notify the rental company at least 3 hours beforehand. Provide them with the exact pick-up location, preferably using a direct communication method like WhatsApp, to ensure a smooth service for your luxury car rental.

    You need to provide original copies of your driver’s license and your passport (or ID card) to rent any car in Dubai. Additionally, an advance payment is required to finalize the agreement, which covers the full rental amount and a security deposit.

    The advance payment for renting an exotic car in Dubai includes the total rental cost and a deposit. The deposit is there to cover potential fines and is fully refunded after the rental period if no fines are incurred. Make sure you have the necessary funds available for this pre-authorization on your credit card, or opt to pay the deposit in cash.

    Renters looking to rent luxury cars must be at least 25 years old. The rental cost varies based on the luxury car model and rental duration, with deposit amounts ranging from $1350 to $3000, depending on the vehicle brand.

    The deposit for luxury car rentals is refunded 28 days after the car is returned, allowing time for any potential fines to be processed. If no fines are collected, the full deposit amount will be returned to you.

    Clients wishing to rent a luxury or exotic car in Dubai must possess a valid driving license that is no older than one year. The acceptable age range for drivers is 24 to 65 years.

    You can cancel your exotic car rental reservation by contacting our customer support team. Remember, cancellations should be made within 48 hours of the reservation confirmation to avoid extra fees. Late cancellations may incur additional charges.

    Luxury vehicles are rented on a daily (24-hour) basis. We offer a 1-hour grace period for returns. Post this period, hourly charges will apply, and beyond 3 hours late, full-day charges are incurred. There’s no grace period for additional rental fees, surcharges, or optional services.

    There are no hidden fees in our exotic car rental pricing. However, additional charges may apply for optional services like a personal driver, urgent car exchange, pickup services, and more.

    Yofleet offers a wide range of luxury and exotic vehicle categories to suit various preferences in Dubai. Our fleet is well-maintained, clean, and ready for review, with 24/7 customer support available.

    Smoking inside the car is not allowed. We do not encourage our clients to smoke either in luxury cars or close to the cars, especially when rented.

    Yes, you can change the vehicle’s return location for your luxury car rental. Please contact our customer care representatives 3-6 hours in advance to make this change.

    You can exchange your exotic car for a different model if available. If you exchange within the same range and category, the rental charges remain unchanged. If you switch to a different range, the rental rates will be adjusted accordingly.

    Before driving your rented luxury car in Dubai, familiarize yourself with the vehicle’s features such as the heating and air conditioning, radio, lights, windshield wipers, spare tire, seat belts, door locks, and gas tank access. Understanding these features can prevent distractions and safety issues while driving.

    If you face any problems with your rented luxury car, contact our Sales Department in Dubai. For minor issues, we will provide assistance through our operations team. In case of car malfunctions, we’ll offer support or a replacement vehicle. Always wait for our team or the police in a safe location near the vehicle.

    In the event of an accident with your rented car in Dubai, don’t leave the scene. Contact the police immediately. If the accident is minor and no one is injured, move the vehicle to the side of the road to avoid blocking traffic, if possible. Obtain a police report and submit it to Yofleet.

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    Yofleet is more than just a car rental company. We offer an elite experience in every detail, allowing you to enjoy and show off your luxurious lifestyle

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    Dubai is a miraculous city that attracts noble visitors and also being home for prestigious residents. We know that once you enter this city of dreams, you’ll strive to get a top-class vehicle to drive around and the best service.

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    Yofleet is your VIP ticket to a truly unique driving experience. With a variety of exotic vehicles at your disposal, you can proclaim the exact kind of style you want to demonstrate at any event, be on a business meeting, drive along a scenic route or one of Dubai’s vibrant night parties.

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