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Ferrari F8 Tributto Spider rent

Verified actual car


1 - 3 DAYS

4500 AED

4 - 7 DAYS

4000 AED


by request


by request


10000 AED

5% VAT and 3% Bank charges applicable. Advance payment may be required for confirmed future booking

    Payment Methods


    Body color


    Interior color






    Doors / Seats



    6.5L V12

    0-100 km/h


    Max speed


    Documents required

    Passport, Visit Visa, Home Country Driving License, International Driving Permit (IDP)

    UAE Driving License, Emirates ID (Residential Visa may be acceptable)

    The amount of the deposit blocks on your credit/debit card  for a period of 28 days. But in the absence of a credit card, the deposit can be paid in crypto . The deposit refunds 28 days after the car returned back to the company representative


    In case of an accident or damage  due to your fault: you undertake to pay the securuty access that does not exceed the amount of the deposit and 10% of the damage coast   if it is a sportcar category.

    Business and SUV  category only the security access must be paid

    If the accident occurred through NON of your fault, then there are no payments and the insurance covers 100%

    (in this case there is a certain number of actions) It is imperative to call the police to make a Report and indicate in it that the accident or damage is not your fault) and you must inform our representative.

    AGE MUST BE 25 and above, if age is less then 25 so insurance covers only 70% out of damage and security deposit will be increased

    Daily 200 km included

    Over limit mileage @ AED 20 / km

    Our company offers free delivery across Dubai city , upon request for delivery  to another Emirate, additional charges may be applicable


    1. Smoking inside the car (1000AED Fine)
    2. Drifting (10000AED Fine)
    3. Driveing off-road (5000AED Fine)
    4. Race and exceeding speed ( 5000-10000AED Fine)
    5. Make a noisy  sound  on the spot (15000-30000AED Fine)

    Please be vigilant on the roads and follow the rules. Your safety is our priority. The car has a satellite GPS Tracker that monitors the actions of the car 24/7 and fixes them!

    RENT A Ferrari F8 Tributto Spider

    Ferrari cars have always been a symbol of speed, pleasure and happy life. Dreams are closer and more real than they seem. With YoFleet you can rent a Ferrari F8 without a driver at any time and make yourself known on the streets of Dubai louder than anyone else! Don’t put off making your dream come true, do it right now. Ferrari F8 will make even the most ordinary hectic day in Dubai a pearl in a series of your memories!

    This car became a turning point in the engineering of the company. The body became light and aerodynamic. The drag coefficient in this generation was reduced by 10% thanks to a new principle of arrangement of external elements and radiator cooling.

    That’s not all that the Ferrari Spyder can surprise you with. Inside, there is a gasoline engine with a volume of 3.9 liters. This particular motor model has earned the status of “engine of the year” four times in a row. Thanks to a special arrangement of elements and direct fuel supply, the power unit produces up to 720 horsepower, 8,000 rpm and 770 N*m of torque.

    4500 AED

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