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Luxury sports car rental

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Dreaming of conquering Dubai in a sports car? Rent your dream car via Yofleet — luxury sports car rental service.

Porsche, Chevrolet, Lamborghini, McLaren, Audi, Ferrari, what will you choose?

Car rental allows you not to buy one car, but to try different driving experiences on the best cars in the world. Powerful engines, more than 600-700 horsepower under the hood, comfort, safety along with breakneck speed – all this is a sports car rental.

In addition, you get:

  • favorable booking and rental conditions,
  • good prices,
  • no worries about car maintenance and storage.

To rent a luxury car, you will need to provide your driving license and to pay rent and a deposit. The cost of renting a car depends on the term and type of the vehicle. Yofleet managers will help you choose the right option for your event. You can rent a car for weddings, business meetings, and other special occasions.

Rent per day costs from 4000 AED/ 1000 Dollars. Deposit (which is returned within a month) from 10000 AED / 2000 dollars.

Why rent a luxury sports car with Yofleet? Because we guarantee:

  • Best service quality, that means always clean, ready for rent at any time cars.
  • Lots of models available.
  • Book and pay in two steps.
  • Coherent rental conditions.

Renting a sports car allows you to feel free, enjoy the speed and try out all the possibilities of cars of this class. Every car boasts maximum safety. All of them regularly pass the obligatory technical inspection and are repaired if necessary. In addition, we organize disinfection and dry cleaning of the interior before each rental.  Please note that smoking is not allowed in the car.

Why should you choose car rental instead of hiring a driver?

  • Financial benefit: no need to pay for driver work. You can stop at the right time without thinking about the included counter. The rental price will be lower than for paying for the services of a taxi driver.
  • Temporary benefit: no need to wait for a car to be picked up and worry that there will not be a free taxi driver in the area.
  • Psychological benefit: You can drive in silence or to your favorite music, rather than listening to the driver’s chatter.
  • Driving experience benefit: test yourself behind the wheel of a high-speed premium car. Impress yourself and those around you. Experience the best aerodynamic properties of sports cars and real speed.

Where else but in Dubai to dissect on a luxury sports car? Trust your comfort to the Yofleet service, the best Luxury sports car rental service.

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