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Performance car hire for a day


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It happens that you need a car for just one day, but you can’t use a personal car for a number of reasons. There is a solution – performance car rental.

For which cases is this type of rental suitable? 

  • date,
  • business meeting,
  • day out,
  • birthday party,
  • anniversary,
  • wedding,
  • bachelorette/bachelor party,
  • graduation,
  • any other special occasions.

Yofleet takes care of all the responsibilities for the preparation of the car. Our clients do not bear the cost of first-class maintenance, interior and exterior care of the car, insurance, parking and storage in the garage.

Renting a sports car for a day allows you to use the car in accordance with your schedule during the paid 24 hours. The rental price will be higher than with a long-term hire. But every car in our fleet is worth every dollar spent.

All you have to take care of is:

  • the availability of the necessary documents,
  • payment of rent and deposit,
  • return of the car within the agreed time.

To extend the rental period, you can contact your personal manager. You will have to discuss with Yofleet team member where to pick up the car and where to transfer it to the manager at the end of the lease.

Renting a luxury car allows you to enjoy a first-class driving experience (Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Chevrolet, Rolls Royce, BMW, Audi, etc.)

Due to the high demand for performance cars, Yofleet recommends you to make a reservation in advance. You may use an online form or contact Yofleet by phone. The driver has several requirements:

  • Age(not less than 24 y.o.);
  • Valid driving license.

Please note that another person,not specified in the rental contract, is not allowed to drive a rented car. All your questions about a performance car from Yofleet you may address to one of the team members.

Performance cars accommodate up to 4 passengers depending on the model.  Availability of the model for a specific rental period is better to check with the manager.

Each car is qualitatively prepared for rent. In addition to dry cleaning of the interior, disinfection is provided. The renter does not bear the cost of car maintenance. The exception is damage to the car during the rental period. More details about insured and non-insured damages are specified in the rental conditions.

Yofleet offers a wide range of performance fully equipped vehicles. This will allow you to enjoy a luxury driving experience. Rent your dream car with the best premium car rental service in Dubai. Youfleet guarantees first-class service and performance cars in perfect condition.

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